Suspension and Termination

Students may be suspended or terminated from enrollment in the School, at the School's discretion, for reasons which include, but are not limited, to failing to comply with School rules or general policies, leaving the School without permission during the scheduled hours of a Students’ Program, failing to attend for
14 consecutive calendar days, failing to complete practical worksheets, failing to attend theory classes or take theory tests, failing to meet the School’s policies regarding Satisfactory Academic Progress, failure to pay tuition and charges when due, and/or otherwise acting in a manner detrimental to the classroom
environment, the well-being of fellow students, faculty, staff, visitors, or institutional facilities.

As outlined in the Catalog, Students may be required to receive coaching sessions for noncompliance with certain policies. Once a Student has received five (5) coaching sessions, the Student may be suspended from the School for five (5) days. If a Student receives two (2) additional coaching sessions after
re-admission from a five (5) day suspension, the Student’s enrollment may be permanently terminated by the School. A Student may be terminated by the School without prior coaching sessions for violating the Future Professional Advisory Policy.