Student Services

  1. Housing: Paul Mitchell The School East Bay keeps a file of information about housing in the surrounding areas; however the school does not provide dormitory facilities and does not have any facilities under its control. The school is not responsible to find or assist student in finding housing. There is available housing located within 2 miles of the school. The cost of housing is between $1,300.00 to $2,200.00 per month.
  2. Academic Advising: Students are provided with academic advising and additional assistance as necessary. Information and advice on any financial assistance are accessible to students. Paul Mitchell The School East Bay also gives advice and information to students on these subjects:
    1. Regulations governing licensure to practice, including reciprocity among jurisdictions.
    2. Assistance with resume and job search.
    3. Opportunities for continuing education following graduation.
    4. Assistance with the financial aid process.
  3. Mental Health Counseling: If referral to professional assistance is necessary, the school maintains a record of such referral.
    1. Referrals to mental health counseling.
    2. Assistance for students with disabilities.