Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

The Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy applies to all students regardless of whether or not they are eligible and/or apply for Title IV funding programs. Every student enrolled in a program approved by NACCAS must meet formal standards that measure their satisfactory progress toward graduation. The Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy is provided to all students prior to enrollment. The policy is consistently applied to all students, regardless if they are part time, full time or the program enrolled in. SAP evaluations are maintained in the student file. The school will develop an academic and/or attendance plan to address the specific needs of those students who fail to meet the academic and/or attendance requirements at specific SAP evaluation points. A leave of absence will extend the student’s contract period and maximum time frame by the same number of days taken in the leave of absence.

In order to comply with USDE requirements the terminology financial aid warning or financial aid probation will be used for Title IV, non-Title IV, and other federal funding students.