Quantitative and Qualitative Factors

Factors for measuring the student’s progress toward satisfactory completion of the program include maintaining:

  • A minimum cumulative Theory grade level of 75% or higher.
  • A minimum cumulative academic level of 75% or higher on practical skill assessments.*
  • To determine whether a student meets the academic requirements for Satisfactory progress, theory and practical grades are averaged together to give a cumulative academic grade of 75% or higher.
  • A minimum cumulative attendance of 80% of their scheduled hours.**

*To meet the state practical requirements for graduation, students must complete all assigned practical skill assessments. See LEARNING PARTICIPATION GUIDELINES.

**To determine your rate of attendance, divide the cumulative number of hours completed by the scheduled hours to date.

A student who has not achieved the minimum cumulative GPA of 75% and/or who has not successfully completed at least a cumulative rate of attendance of 80% is not eligible for Title IV assistance, if applicable, unless the student is on warning or has prevailed upon appeal of the determination that has resulted in status of probation.