Maximum Time Frame

Students must complete the educational program within the maximum time frame, which is based on attending at least 80% of the scheduled hours.

Cosmetology – Full Time (5-Day)
Monday through Friday
29 Weeks 36 Weeks
Cosmetology – Full Time (3-Day)
Monday through Wednesday
34 Weeks 42 Weeks
Cosmetology – Full Time (3-Day)
Wednesday through Friday
34 Weeks 42 Weeks
Barbering 1000 hr. – Full Time (3-Day) 34 Weeks 42 Weeks
Esthetics – Full Time (3-Day) 20 Weeks 25 Weeks

The maximum time frame allowed for transfer students who need less than full course requirements or part-time students will be determined based on 80% of the scheduled contracted hours. If any student enrolled fails to complete the program within the maximum time frame they will lose their eligibility for Title IV programs and will be terminated from the program. Students who exceed the maximum time frame will be permitted to re-enroll in the program, and be charged tuition fees accordingly, on a cash-pay basis. Whether a student pays out of pocket or receives Title IV Financial aid all hours attempted and completes are considered part of the Satisfactory Academic Progress calculation.

*The school uses a 900-hour academic year for Title IV purposes.