Evaluation Procedures and Required Level of Achievement

The following programs receive Satisfactory Progress Evaluations in both attendance and academics.

Cosmetology 1000 clock hours

Barbering 1000 clock hours

Esthetics 600 clock hours

The Satisfactory Progress Evaluation will occur when students reach the following actual hours and academic weeks:

Program Name 1st SAP Evaluation Period Ends 2nd SAP Evaluation Period Ends 3rd SAP Evaluation Period Ends
Cosmetology (30 hour schedule) 450 actual hours and 15 weeks 900 actual hours and 30 weeks N/A
Cosmetology (35 hour schedule) 450 actual hours and 13 weeks 900 actual hours and 26 weeks N/A
Barbering (30 hour schedule) 450 actual hours and 15 weeks 900 actual hours and 30 weeks N/A
Esthetics (30 hour schedule) 300 actual hours and 10 weeks N/A N/A

The first evaluation will occur no later than the midpoint of the academic year. The SAP evaluations are completed within seven (7) school business days of the student reaching the evaluation points.

At the end of each evaluation period, the school will determine if the student has maintained at least 80% cumulative attendance since the beginning of the course which indicates that, given the same attendance rate, the student will graduate within the maximum 125% time frame allowed.

The following grading system is used to evaluate a student’s academic ability:

  1. Examinations are given in all subjects.
  2. If a student receives an UnSatisfactory Academic Progress Evaluation, the Future Professional Advisor will meet in person with the student, the evaluation will be reviewed and signed by the student acknowledging their unsatisfactory status. The evaluation is maintained in the student’s financial file.
  3. The Satisfactory Academic Progress Evaluation will reflect if the student’s evaluation will impact the students eligibility for Financial Aid. The student may request to review their Satisfactory Academic Progress Evaluation from the Financial Services Leader or Future Professional Advisor.

The following grading scale is used for theory progress:

A = 90 – 100%     B = 80 – 89%     C = 75 – 79%     Failing = Below 75%

Practical and clinical work is graded by an approval of practical worksheet requirements submitted in the Course Key app. A signature from an instructor represents a passing grade which means all elements of the practical grading criteria were met. No signature indicates a failing score which means one or more of the practical grading criteria elements were not met and the student has not met minimum satisfactory standards on the practical application. Students are required to continue and/or repeat the practical application until they receive a signature from an instructor.

*The school uses a 900-hour academic year for Title IV purposes.

30 schedule= 30 academic weeks
35 schedule = 26 academic weeks