Esthetics Cost of Tuition and Supplies

Our current tuition, fees, and supply costs are detailed below.

Prospective students are encouraged to use the Net Price Calculator available on our website to receive a personalized estimate of the cost of attending Paul Mitchell The School East Bay.

Transfer students and students who are approved to re-enter their program are assessed a per clock hour rate for the remainder of their program.

TUITION – Esthetics 
Tuition $12,000.00
Application Fee (nonrefundable) 25.00
Registration Fee 75.00
Student Tuition Recovery Fund (STRF) (nonrefundable) 0.00
Technical Kit (nonrefundable) 2,003.40
Textbooks (nonrefundable) 380.40
Digital Kit (nonrefundable) 421.51
Sales Tax (9.25%) (nonrefundable) 259.49
TOTAL COSTS $15,164.80
Program Per Clock Hour Rate (Transfer and Re-Entry Students Only)
Esthetics 600 $20.00

*Any used and/or opened items in the Paul Mitchell Technical Kit purchased from the school are considered unreturnable equipment. Returnable equipment must be returned within 20 days of withdrawal in their original state, no exceptions. All returned equipment will be assessed a 25% restocking fee. Unopened items from the kit can only be returned to the school if they were purchased directly from the school.

Note: The total charges for a period of attendance are equivalent to the cost of the entire program, due to the length of the program.

Please contact the school’s Financial Services Leader for payment options. The school accepts credit card or debit card payments. The school does not accept cash or personal checks. Financial aid recipients understand that monies received on their behalf are applied first to tuition costs.

In addition: (A) If a student payment is 10 days late, there will be a $25 late fee assessed; (B) if a student payment is 30 days late, the student will be suspended for 5 days, and upon the student's return, if the balance of missed payments is over $1,000, the student will be dropped. If the student makes written arrangements with the School to catch up on payments, the student may not be dropped. If the student doesn't follow through on the agreement, the student will be dropped; and (C) if a student has a balance of missed payments in any amount after 60 days and there is not a written agreement with the School to catch up on payments, the student will be dropped.

Financial aid available to those who qualify.

At its sole discretion, the school may adjust tuition and kit fees for students that transfer from a school that has closed without notice.

Per VA regulation, only mandatory fees may be billed to the VA. The cost of the Kit, Books and iPad, while required for enrollment, do not qualify as mandatory fees in such that the school gives students the option to purchase the kit from other sources other than the school. Students utilizing VA benefits will be responsible for arranging alternate payment for these items.

The school does not participate in any state financial aid programs




The school complies with California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009, 94899.5 (b) and does not require more than one term or four months of tuition in advance, until 50% of the program has been offered and the school is due full payment.