Education Goals

Paul Mitchell The School East Bay strives to provide a quality educational system that prepares students to pass the state board examination and gain employment within their chosen field of study. Our quality education system includes an outstanding facility, experienced and competent instructors, and a curriculum developed through years of experience and expertise. Our education goals are:

  1. To educate students to be professional, knowledgeable, and skilled in their field for marketability within the industry.
  2. To maintain an updated program that provides students with the knowledge to compete in their field of study.
  3. To promote the continuing educational growth of our faculty and students, using current teaching methods and techniques.
  4. To teach courtesy and professionalism as the foundation for a successful career in their chosen field of study.
  5. To prepare students to successfully pass the state licensing exam for entry-level employment.
  6. To train and graduate students while empowering them to become confident and excited to enter a successful career within the salon and beauty industry.